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When you think about traditional methods of advertising, your choices are often limited to television, billboards, flyers, and direct mail. And while TV ads can be placed at varying times of day to help attract the right audience, it's a lot more hit or miss. You have no idea if the people you are reaching out to want to buy your office furniture, or have young children who need the extra-wide shoes you make.

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When you advertise on the internet, there are several ways you can help reach your target audience faster and more effectively. Algorithms on sites like Google and Facebook can take a look at a potential customer's search history, then tailor the ads that they see to the last search made. This means that if you sell office furniture, and a customer has been browsing for this, your ad will show up on the feeds and websites that customer visits. Now you're reaching the right audience far more consistently and effectively than you would be by blanketing a neighborhood with direct mail flyers. This not only will get you more potential customers, it will also mean your advertising dollars are being spent with the biggest possibility of return.

The starting cost of online marketing is only a fraction of the thousands of dollars that Yellow Pages, television and radio ads cost. For example, you can get a free listing on Google Local that will be just as effective as a costly online Yellow Pages ad. In addition, while traditional ads may only run for a short time, a search engine optimization campaign can deliver long-term results.